Strategic Start® Executive Onboarding

Rapid Integration and Success

The stakes are high.  Most organizations take the time (six-months to a year) and expense (twice the cost of the annual salary) to hire or promote the best strategic fit for top executive leadership roles.  They adeptly screen for leadership agility, expertise in industry, proven track records of successful results, and a leadership style and values to fit the culture.

Why are up to half of these placements regarded as failures two years later? 

Your brilliant, newly hired superstar cannot yet know the politics, history, or culture of an organization, nor possess the internal network of relationships essential to success.  They simply don’t have the depth of understanding about the operational and strategic situation that fosters good decisions.  Yet they are expected to deliver results faster than ever. Addressing this gap is the purpose of a structured strategic approach, going beyond onboarding to strategic integration essential for long-term success.

To meet the challenge of navigating the crucial first 100 days in office and create the foundation for long-term success, we designed STRATEGIC START®, a timely executive onboarding and integration solution, and a smart investment to dramatically increase the likelihood of success.  We begin by listening to you, custom designing an approach to fit your needs.  Our unique coaching and consulting process has revolutionized executive transitions and provided crucial benefits for the hundreds of new executives we’ve transitioned in government agencies, corporations, unions, non-profits and associations.

STRATEGIC START®’s  unique personalized approach results in rapidly building trust and the critical learning that often takes up to 18 months.  Executives are counseled to take advantage of their brief honeymoon period, leveraging it as an invaluable opportunity to access information, learn the culture, assess needs, and intelligently initiate change. Strategic Start® is designed to help newly promoted and hired executives cultivate the hidden network of influencers, critical for reaching sound decisions and fueling early momentum.  Down load a PDF brochure here.

During the next six months transition coaching sessions, planning meetings for early wins and continuing development and evolution of the direct report team, creates the foundation for long term success.  Follow up meetings ensure alignment with the hiring manager and building a powerful network of supporters.

Connie Meyer shares what it really takes for your new superstar to hit the ground running and how a minimal investment up front saves millions in costly failures:

The STRATEGIC START® Executive Onboarding Package is a comprehensive process that includes 11 transition meetings designed to accelerate these results:

  • Quickly Grasp the Strategic and Operational Situation 
    Smart, strategic decisions are based on having the right information.  Access the inside information from key influencers, leadership team, hiring manager and customers.

  • Demystify the Invisible Rules of the Culture
    De coding the culture and history enables you to communicate effectively and garner the support to deliver early wins.

  • Develop Key Relationships and Network 
    Ultimately your success is based on developing trusting relationships with your boss, team, peers, customers and key influencers.  Strategic Start® ensures you develop these key relationships.

  • Set Direction, Build the Team 
    Access critical information about what is working well, what needs to be addressed immediately directly from your top team.  These full days with your team fosters trust building and transparent communication.

  • Deliver Desired Results Quickly
    When you deliver early results that your boss, peers and customers want, it builds their trust and your momentum to tackle other change initiatives.  We help you gather the data, analyze it and determine key early priorities.  Next we facilitate an early wins planning session with you and your team.

Spanning Boundaries

For highly educated workers, hybrid models of remote work initiated during the pandemic are likely to persist. New executives might find their teams, peers and key partners scattered across the country and globe.  While we still advocate for in-person meetings where possible, we have adapted Strategic Start® to provide state of the art collaboration technology, video conferencing, virtual white board, and break-out rooms to foster robust conversation and idea generation.  This technology provides a way for in-person teams to connect with their remote teammates and for fully remote teams to meet virtually.

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