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Executive Team Coaching and Trust Building

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Designed High-Performing Team development program for new division.

Facilitated the development of new revenue streams leveraged across a network of 20 Bank Presidents.

Over a period of 10 years:

Executive Coaching, Executive Team-building Retreats, Management Development Training, Quarterly High Potentials Training Simulation.

High Potentials Executive Coaching. 100% of participants promoted.

Executive Coaching

Over a two-year engagement:

High-performance leadership program for over 1600 executives and teams to support culture change.

Environmental Protection Agency

Trained and licensed internal consulting team to customize and deliver Strategic Start®

Performance Appraisal Process Training as an executive motivational tool, providing high-performance results.

Executive Coaching, Executive Team building, Executive-Development Workshop for 800 top executives.

Over a five-year engagement:

Strategic Start Executive Onboarding for new Canadian GM, United States GM, and North American President.

Designed onboarding process with global HR executives for entry, middle managers and senior executives.

Trained a global staff of HR executives to deliver Strategic Start.

Supported Change Management for Canadian subsidiary.

Executive Coaching for four top executives.

Management services, training and organizational effectiveness consulting.

Over a multi-year period:

Senior executive team executive coaching.

Senior Executive Team Retreats

Structural redesign of operational maintenance division.

Visioning Conference for 500 employees and key stakeholders. Created the “Best Care in the Air” program.

Supporting NASA success for over a decade:

Executive Coaching for over 20 SES executives.

 Culture Change initiative resulting in improvement on all metrics.

Senior Executive Service Executive Transitions integrated Strategic Start for newly placed SES.

Trained internal Human Capital consulting teams at NASA HQ and Goddard to deliver Strategic Start.

One-Year engagement:

New Team Start-Up Training for three-top level teams after reorganization.

Supporting NEA since 1993:

Strategic Start® used to support newly hired or promoted executives both at Headquarters and Field Offices.

Senior Executive coaching, including the Executive Director, 12 Directors.

Strategic Planning and Dashboard creation.

Executive Trust and Partnership Building. Facilitation of more than 30 executive retreats.

Executive Coaching:

Strategic Start® support for top executives.

Top Executive Team team building.

Supported and facilitated New Team Start Up after a reorganization.

Vision and Planning for the global team.

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