Onboarding Entry Package

This process can be delivered in person, remotely or hybrid.

Welcome your newest executive with a customized Strategic Start onboarding package, a unique, proven, coaching and consulting process. We partner with you to provide immediate support, enabling your newly hired or promoted executive to thrive from day one.

 This executive onboarding package includes:

  • Partnering with HR to ensure alignment and logistics for pre-boarding and onboarding transition meetings.
  • Private transition coaching meetings, beginning before the first day.
  • Facilitated meetings with the hiring manager to ensure alignment on expectations and strategic situation.
  • Facilitated full-day meetings with the direct report team placing everyone on the same page.
  • Ongoing support to build relationships with a network of key influencers.

Investment: $30,000. (plus travel expenses if in person)

Onboarding and Integration Six Month Package

This process can be delivered in person, remotely or hybrid.

Extending beyond the entry onboarding package to full integration, executives also receive:

  • Transition coaching to address the emerging situation, assess leadership style and address leadership gaps, including a leadership assessment instrument. Coaching to avoid potential de-railers.
  • Planning meetings with the direct-report team to develop initial strategy, achieving early wins identified by the hiring manager, influencers, customers and direct report team.
  • In-depth analysis of network (influencers, key stakeholders, customers, peers) input from initial interviews to identify three early wins.
  • Six-month check in meeting with direct-report team and hiring manager, ensuring alignment to agreements and performance progress.

Investment: $45,000.  (plus travel expenses if in person)

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