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Onboarding New Managers and Independent Professionals Workshop: April 17, 2018  Registration is now Closed

one day course that provides everything you need to design an onboarding program to enable new managers and professional independent contributors to thrive from day one.

Although the registration is closed for this course you can put your name on a wait list or we can provide it at your worksite.

You take great care, skill, time and attention to find or promote employees who will be a good fit to their new position and to the values and culture of your organization.  The next step is to support them in successfully stepping into their new role.  

That early experience of being welcomed and supported fosters a feeling that leads to greater engagement, retention and the ability to confidently perform well in the new job.  Having a consistent onboarding  approach is  recognized as a key strategic initiative critical to organizational success.
The purpose of this course is to equip the Human Resource Managers  and Hiring Managers with the information and tools that that support them in knowing how to be successful in their onboarding role.  It is designed to offer a template and tools  that can be quickly and easily be adapted to fit the situation.
It cross references onboarding tools, samples, and templates that can be  located on the HR portal.  Not only does this library of onboarding tools save time but they also support consistency.
It is designed to offer a templates that can be quickly and easily be adapted to fit the site and the situation.

What you can expect:

  • Learn Onboarding Best Practices
  • Get everything you need to design your in-house onboarding program.
  • Develop clear onboarding roles for the hiring manager and HR.
  • Have an HR Guidebook and Hiring Manager Guide.
  • Complete onboarding tool kit.

Course Agenda

  • Onboarding Best Practices
  • Key Roles: Hiring Manager, HR Manager
  • Preparing a Welcoming Space
  • A Welcoming First  Meeting
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Identifying a Buddy
  • Developing Performance Expectations
  • Developing Learning Strategy
  • Ongoing Support Role
  • Putting it all together: Developing a customized onboarding plan


Tower Club, Tysons Corner, 800 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1700, Vienna, VA 22182


9-5 (Continental breakfast and lunch provided)



Who should come?

Senior HR, Facilitators, Internal OD consultants, Executive Coaches

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