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Healthy Organizational Culture in Takoma Park, MD

A Healthy, Transformed Organizational Culture 

Is The Invisible Driver of Success

Defined by your Values, Mission and Goals.

Organizational culture is the collective habits and mindset of its people and the single most powerful driver of actions, decisions and performance. A healthy culture is the foundation for the results you want to create and sustain. The beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, policies, structures, strengths and weaknesses are often taken for granted and invisible, but vital to understand. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your culture to identify and build on what is already healthy about and learn what is undermining your success.

An honest assessment of where you are, with an overlay of where you want to be guides development of a plan we’ll create with you to close the gap. The objective is providing a healthy organizational culture in Takoma Park, MD, or anywhere else, that is designed for your group.  Not a one-size-fits-all solution-in-a-box, but the reflection of your values (what you care most deeply about) , purpose (we exist in order to...) and aligned to support your vision and business strategies for success.

We believe every organization has the power to transform.  

Learn what it takes to create a healthy, thriving culture that supports your business success:


Key levers for shifting culture:

  • Strengthen the executive leadership behaviors vital to the desired values and culture.
  • Align incentives, rewards, promotions, and recognition.
  • Develop healthy team leadership skills and capabilities.  
  • Create communication channels to keep everyone informed about what matters
  • Adopt policies and procedures to support the optimal culture.
  • Create smooth transitions into the culture with onboarding of vital talent.
  • Design structures that align to your strategies and desired culture.

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