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Inspiring Vision and Strategy

The Heart Of Dynamic Strategy Is Learning Agility

The track record for implementing well formulated vision and strategies isn’t encouraging. According to Fortune Magazine only 10% are successfully implemented. 

A shared vision and strategy, where direction is clear and understood, is vital to the success of the highest performing organizations. This focus, which informs every decision and action at every level, is a powerful competitive advantage. You see it in people who are inspired by work they see as meaningful and contribute to organizational success.  

Setting the Course – The Executive Team’s Most Vital Role

Most executive teams suffer from poorly run meetings and spend only 15% of their time setting and adapting strategy.  Often, after a burst of effort developing a strategic plan, they lose focus on implementation.  No surprise that only 9 out of 10, including well developed strategic plans, are never implemented.

We equip the leadership team to not only create the strategic plan but design every step for its successful implementation in a strategy-focused organization.  We support the executive team in building strategic capability and acumen, to run efficient, highly productive and properly focused meetings, to engage in robust, authentic dialogue and create strong commitments to thoughtful decisions. 

Creating strategy that lives and breathes and remains relevant requires rapid adaptation to emerging and unexpected conditions or opportunities.  As part of strategy formulation we forecast scenarios for the future so plan B and C are already conceived. 

To keep strategy on track, we use the proven methodology of Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, and techniques to develop a strategy-focused organization.  This enables the team to foster authentic and regular team communication with a “dashboard” enabling you to anticipate what is coming and quickly make adjustments as needed. Flying blind in today’s world guarantees being blindsided.  It’s the real-time decisions, too often made quickly and with frustratingly incomplete information, that determine whether the company will survive or thrive. 

Ten Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail in Implementation

  1. The plan is not adequately funded in the budget process.
  2. Roles are poorly communicated and aren’t understood.
  3. Actions to execute are not clearly defined.
  4. Accountability for execution is unclear.
  5. Organizational silos and cultural resistance block execution.
  6. Inadequate monitoring and adjustment to the plan.
  7. Incentive system isn’t aligned to desired actions and results.
  8. Senior Executive Team leadership to drive the plan is lacking.
  9. Uncommitted leadership at the division and management levels.
  10. Strategy developed and managed by “strategic planning group” and not the executive team

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