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Executive Team Coaching and Trust Building
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Designed High-Performing Team development program for new division.
Facilitated the development of new revenue streams leveraged across a network of 20 Bank Presidents.
Over a period of 10 years:

Executive Coaching Executive Teambuilding Management Development Training Quarterly High Potentials Training Simulation.
High Potentials Executive Coaching 100% of participants promoted.
Executive Coaching
Over a two year engagement:

High performance leadership program for over 1600 executives and teams to support culture change.
FDA logo Performance Appraisal Process Training as an executive motivational tool to get high performance results.
Freddie Mac logo Executive Coaching Executive Teambuilding Executive development Workshop for 800 top executives.
Griffith Laboratories logo

Executive Onboarding for new Canadian GM, United States GM, and NA President.

Designed onboarding process with global HR executives for entry, middle managers and senior executives.

ICMARC logo Executive Coaching
Johnson & Johnson logo Management services, training and organizational effectiveness consulting.
Midwest Airlines logo

Over a multi-year period:

Senior and top executive teamIndividual coaching.

Visioning Conference for 500 employees and key stakeholders created the  “Best Care in the Air” program.

NASA logo Supporting NASA success for over a decade:

Executive Coaching- Culture Change Executive Transitions for top executives Strategic Start- integrated transition training for internal consulting team and new SES at Goddard.
NASDAQ logo New Team Start-Up Training for 3 top level teams after reorganization.
NEA logo Supporting NEA since 1993:

Senior Executive coaching – all levels Strategic Planning – Dashboard creation. Executive Trust and Partnership Building. Facilitation of more than 30 executive retreats.
USRA logo Executive Coaching Strategic Start Training supporting Top Executive  and Executive Teams.
USDHS logo Supported and facilitated New Team Start Up after a reorganization.
WWF logo Vision and Planning for the global team.


What Our Clients Say

"Connie brings to our coaching relationship not only coaching skills but her expertise in organization change, leadership development, culture change and strategic planning.  This background has been invaluable in Connie really understanding the complex role of the CIO in a dynamic organization.  Her coaching skills- listening, caring, challenging, supporting, re-framing perspective and encouragement have fostered my personal and professional growth."  
Claire Kelly, CIO, ICMA-RC

"Connie has been a tremendous help in guiding me through difficult professional decisions and helping me find my voice…  Her insight and understanding of corporate strategies, work styles and executive leadership has helped me better understand the aspects needed to be successful in my role."
Angela Greenleaf, Vice President, ICMA-RC

"I have utilized the Strategic Start (onboarding process) sponsored by Performance Partners for several years.  It has been a most positive way to induct state Executive Directors and state staff managers affiliated with the National Education Association.  They like the process and embrace it as a benefit to help them to understand/learn the culture and stakeholders within this political and complex system. As a manager and practitioner of this process, I believe it is a powerful tool which has helped new staff succeed in their new management positions.”
Dan Hand, Manager for Training, Conferences and Affiliate Support National Education Association

“The Strategic Start process has been invaluable for NEA staff leaders as it provides a forum for honest dialogue about organizational culture and individual expectations early in a managerial relationship.  Best of all, Strategic Start drives to a concrete outcome that helps guide managers and their teams for months or years to follow.” 
Secky Fascione, Organizing Director, National Education Association

Connie participated with me in boldly kicking off a complete cultural assessment and change process to create a paradigm shift for the Office of the CFO.  With Connie's assistance, my organization developed a collective vision for a high performing team and a shared understanding of what was working well; and, we targeted opportunities for improvement.  The CFO leadership team established very clear strategic goals for the organization and key strategies to achieve the goals, with action plans that were implemented annually.  It was exciting to see the changes that occurred in the organization as the process through which Connie guided us unfolded.  The result was a much improved, high performing leadership team, dedicated to success through a commitment to the organization's core values and goals and, most importantly, to building and sustaining effective working relationships.  Nancy Abell, Associate Director of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

"The Performance Partners team quickly developed insights into the organization and its needs and developed actions that helped the organization move forward.” 
Timothy Hoeksema, CEO and President, Midwest Airlines.

Strategic Start License Facilitator Training:

"Most valuable is the flexibility of Strategic Start and the training customized to my needs.  Connie is a great facilitator and coach.”
Paul Condon, Dryden flight center, NASA

“What I found most valuable was the examples, practice opportunities, and the ability to immediately support clients.” 
Agora Publishing

“Connie took us through not only the “what” but also the “why” of Strategic Start, drawing upon research and real life examples.”
 Betsy Daise, NEA

"We leave this seminar with so many valuable resources.  Connie is such a pleasure to learn from—a positive, upbeat and knowledgeable teacher.  What was most helpful to me was all the practice sessions.  I feel confident that I will be able to effectively bring this to my company.”  
American University

“The training hits the mark.  We have successfully used this executive transition process at NASA Goddard and it is part of our onboarding. I found the practice, customization conversation and marketing materials most valuable.” 
Dr. Howard Kea, NASA