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Saturday, Jun, 21, 2014

Love the Birds You Have...A Strategy for Generating New Business

While reading an article by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, I had an epiphany about marketing. It resulted in an increase of my business revenue by 300 percent within two months. After I passed the tip to my friends and clients, they also saw their business results dramatically improve.

The article explained that the biggest mistake backyard birders (like myself) make is trying to attract a certain kind of bird, such as a bluebird, hummingbird or downy woodpecker. After researching and then offering the bird's favorite food and habitat we wait expectantly. But the chosen one never comes. The hummingbird feeder gets overrun with ants or the bluebird house get swarmed with wasps.

Instead, it turns out that they key is to notice and love the birds you already have. Once that happens, other birds flying overhead wonder what all the excitement is about and swoop down to take a look.

Oh my! Was that a ruby-crested kinglet that just fluttered its tiny wings to investigate the suet outside my window?

With this idea in mind I shifted my focus from the special clients I would like to attract (like FedEx) and thought about the "birds" I already have?especially the many clients I have served over the years. Inspired, I reached out via LinkedIn and email notes to say hello and took special care to go to extra lengths with the clients I am currently serving. This lavishing of love and attention resulted in requests for new business?leadership retreats, executive coaching, or onboarding for the new CFO. In addition, they offered testimonials and referred me to their friends, creating the sort of buzz that attracts new, different "birds."

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to attract new customers. In fact, it is 6-7 times more costly than retaining an old one. Boosting new business from existing clients by as little as 5 percent can increase profits 95 percent. Plus, existing clients don't need to be lured by pay-per-click, web ads and sales calls. They just want to continue to be appreciated and constantly delighted to have their needs anticipated and met.

Connie Meyer is President of Performance Partners. She enjoys caring for her clients and supporting their success.



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