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Founder and President

Connie Meyer

Dedicated to Creating Healthy, Thriving Organizations

Many years ago while facilitating stress management workshops for Fortune 500 employees, Connie discovered how much unhealthy stress and anxiety was generated by toxic organization cultures – bad bosses, fear-based management styles, political in-fighting, people under-appreciated and overworked and dysfunctional decision making. If these were the best companies, what was happening at the worst? This began a lifelong mission to support leaders in creating healthy organizations where people thrive and the organization prospers.

Academically Trained, Real World Grounded

Building upon undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Education from Montclair State University, she entered one of the most respected and highly-rated Master’s programs for understanding Organization Behavior, earning a Master’s in Human and Organization Development from American University and NTL. Her real world experience as a Quality Director and Director of Training for Johnson & Johnson and Director of Organization Effectiveness at Freddie Mac enables her to truly understand the executive role. In 1993 she founded Performance Partners.

A lifelong learner, Connie has never stopped adding to her expertise, including a 2 year coaching certification from Newfield Network; a one year executive teambuilding certification from Human Factors; certification in the Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan and Norton; Culture Transformation Tools certification by Richard Barrett and Culture Change by Human Synergistics. Her unique expertise also includes development of proprietary systems such as Performance Partners Strategic Start® and additional certifications too numerous and diverse to list but available and happily shared upon request.

Why Performance Partners is Healthy and Thriving

For over two decades clients have derived great value from:

  • The advantage of having someone with Connie’s expertise and passion as a trusted advisor and partner. Trusting her to always support their success and maintain strict confidentiality
  • A relationship yielding dual payoffs. She focuses on team dynamics conducive to healthy thriving teams, while facilitating projects to set strategic direction, change cultures and increase the organization’s effectiveness. Even her unique executive onboarding process simultaneously builds the executive team.
  • The design of a customized approach targeted to your needs and expectations while  approaching your business with  a whole system perspective.
  • Matching your need with the exact expertise needed, by drawing upon a network of experienced, proven, senior level consultants and coaches – at a fraction of the price of the large firms for comparable experience and talent.

Performance Partners clients are amazed how quickly and efficiently they realize the results they want.

Clients of all Sizes in most Every Industry

Clients include Fortune 50 companies, federal government agencies and non-profits in most every industry, from health care to financial services to media and public service: The National Education Association, Xerox, AARP, NASA, Freddie Mac, AOL, Midwest Airlines, the Food and Drug Administration, The Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, NASDAQ, The Peace Corp, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the World Wildlife Fund, and more. She loves working with top executives who want strategy-focused organizations with healthy cultures, characterized by high performing executive teams, open communication channels, and inspired people truly committed to your mission and goals.

She wants you to thrive.